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Furnishing the bathroom with prized details

Furnishing the bathroom with prized details

Elegance and versatility for an impeccable bathroom down to the smallest detail. How to mirror your style in a welcoming and functional room.

Smart accessories, custom-sized solutions and gleaming materials: the right details to customise your bathroom are a luxury that suits all styles. Carefully selected items of furniture reflect one’s individuality and become part of a must-have place to relax to enjoy every day. Here are some solutions we have come up with on how to furnish a bathroom, to be paired as you see fit to suit your very own lifestyle. You’ll only need to take a look at these proposals to fall in love!

Smart accessories

Before and after a busy day, walking into a modern bathroom and enjoying some well-earned relaxation is a pleasure that requires just the right accessories. The bathroom furniture elements in the Formalia collection accommodate this need as they are highly versatile. One intriguing component of Formalia bathroom furniture is the sit-on tray in Garden Walnut decorative melamine, which can be used either as a storage drawer or as a tray to store toiletries.

Just as functional is the Useful container with sliding tray: an example of practicality for the bathroom area that houses accessories or your washing area essentials. The sliding tray works as a cover and as an extra storage surface where necessary. A solution that is ready to astound you with its convenience!

For lovers of minimal surfaces and clean-cut silhouettes, the practical Magneto Wall wall-mounted accessories play host to the soap dish and the toothbrush tumbler directly on the wall.

If you prefer maximum practicality, New Line allows you to arrange the storage bowls and the Sky Line soap tray next to your towels, so that everything is within easy reach of your washbasin!

Vertical development

When you’re planning your well-being boudoir, you may have free walls which cannot accommodate wall units or shelves, yet which - if not “exploited” - prove a little boring. In these cases, a very practical idea is to fill the surface either fully or partly with a multi-functional panel. The Line System project houses storage shelves, containers and much more directly on the wall, generating a clean-cut, minimal look. In classic or modern bathrooms with a narrow wall to furnish, you can opt for a purpose-designed solution with the Status Wall System from the Formalia model: the modular structure can also be used as a towel rail, storage shelves and much more too!

Another elegant solution to exploit the vertical space for bathroomfurniture comes from the Gym Space model. The Gymnastics Wall Bars are designed to store towels and small toiletries if need be. When necessary, every item can be moved or removed to make way for your domestic training session!

Maximum brightness

When you look in the mirror or it’s time to polish your bathroom taps gleam and shine are never enough. In these cases the key word is: light!

There are many different materials that can increase the brightness of the washing area: from the mirroring surfaces of the top or wall tiles to the glass on the doors, and also the metallic volumes that delineate the bathroom furniture and the glossy and polished finishes. The Diesel Open Workshop composition with double undermount washbasin and baskets with Ribbed Glass doors features a top in Deep Bedrock Corian®. The pair of Lunar mirrors with bronze-finish painted edging is rendered even brighter by the perimeter lighting that emphasises the silhouettes.

In the Formalia bathroom, light meets the prestige of glass and of the tone-on-tone finishes. The Aloe Green polished glass structure recalls the colour and texture of the door of the cabinet with Freestyle built-in washbasin in the same colour. An astounding yet harmonious combination in contrast with the black version of the Status Wall System. Here, light and shadow are the two faces of the same composition.

Does your bathroom furniture reflect your style? Discover all the solutions to make it impeccable at Scavolini dealers!

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Furnishing the bathroom with prized details