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Materials used to make washbasins

Materials used to make washbasins

Now we have looked at the various washbasin shapes available, let’s deal with the quality of the various materials used to make them, from the more classic to the most innovative.

As its role in the bathroom becomes increasingly important, the washbasin has developed a strong identity over the years, so much so that it has affected the styling and function of the other elements in this important room of the home. Together with the shapes and locations, the washbasin materials are surprising owing to the variety of solutions, and they embellish the well-being venue with their striking styling.

Design Takes Shape

Mineralmarmo® is a modern and innovative material which grants total creative freedom. Its versatility makes it possible for sit-on, free-standing or built-in washbasins to take shape, in order to create a bathroom with a modern and attractive design. The styling and tactile sensations it affords will enchant even the most demanding guest.


Beyond the limits of the imagination

The result of the research and passion of DuPontTM, Corian® is a material that continues to be transformed and to inspire ever new creative visions. It is a solid material that offers easy maintenance and hard-wearing durability. All washbasins in Corian®, when cleaned correctly, prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, thanks to the non-porous “solid surface” that is compact across the entire thickness.

Textured beauty

Washbasins made in Cristalplant®, thanks to the special and unmistakable composition of the material itself, convey warmth and a silky smooth feel. Moreover, they guarantee strength and superior levels of hygiene, thanks to the compact and waterproof surface. The extensive versatility of the material grants maximum freedom of formal expression and guarantees endless customisation and differentiation potential: for this reason, it is suitable for the creation of various washbasin types, from smooth, rounded shapes, to more angular and squared ones. 

A restyled must-have

Ceramic is without a shadow of a doubt the bathroom material par excellence. The versatile star of bathroom furnishings, it is perfect for creating all types of washbasin, and is suitable for coloured solutions and matt or glossy versions, thereby blending in with different styling solutions, for both modern designs and more classic or Baroque ambiances.

The strength of glass

Mesmerising and bright, glass is now truly “at home” in our homes. Washbasins made with this material are transformed into genuine items of interior décor. What’s more, they can be made in multiple different shapes, with innovative production techniques that make it possible to generate extremely hard-wearing surfaces and trendy colourful solutions. 

The charm of nature

While it is true that technology has come up with new materials, it has also given us the ability to ply the precious materials around us. Marble combines both these aspects of technology: the spontaneous beauty of a million-year history, the natural hardness that changes appearance in an ever harmonious manner, the certainty of a prized and hard-wearing material to furnish the rooms of the home impeccably, including the bathroom, thanks to refined marble washbasins.

Colours and materials
Materials used to make washbasins